GMD’s principals draw on decades of expertise in all facets of the development process, to evaluate each housing development opportunity to ensure that it works both on paper and in the community.  Utilizing a broad range of financing programs, including Federal tax credits, tax-exempt bonds and other local programs, GMD Development has particular expertise in structuring complex, multifamily transactions that often involve multiple sources of debt and equity. 

With a “hands on” actively involved approach, we look to optimize the funding programs available, while creating unique design solutions for each site.  Whether new construction or preservation, GMD incorporates environmentally conscious materials and methods of construction and sustainable systems.  Sustainability is about designing pragmatically for environmental impacts and long term ownership, not just the immediate financial return.  Balancing these elements while addressing the greatest needs of the community creates the most optimal housing outcomes.

For GMD success means creating successful communities that address the urgent need for affordable housing and contribute to the long-term sustainability of the communities where we work.


How We Work:

  • Leveraging relationships and local knowledge to identify successful opportunities

  • Creating partnerships with community organizations

  • Using in-house expertise and financial models to determine feasibility

  • Staying informed about market trends and policy changes


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